What’s The Best Acne Face Wash?


If you are suffering from breakouts, you may wonder what is the best acne face wash to help get rid of your acne. There are thousands of different types of face washes out there; ones that foam, ones that don’t, gel cleansers, cream cleansers, good smelling ones, medicated.. and the list could go on forever. But what is the best?

Well, one of the weirdest things I see out there are medicated facial wash. The reason this strikes me as odd, is that the acne fighting chemicals in the cleanser aren’t given adequate time on the skin to have an effect. Most people wash their face for 30 seconds to a minute, and then wash the leander off. How can companies think that this is enough time to make a difference? The only medicated cleansers that CAN have an effect are ones that contain benzoyl peroxide. The reason for this is that benzoyl peroxide can and will kill bacteria almost instantly on the skin. Ingredients like Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid need time to sit on the skin to make any difference in breakouts. So my advice is to stick with a cleanser that is not medicated, and leave the treatments for the lotion or toner, which actually stay on your face.

Another thing that is good to avoid is any scented face products (in general, not just face wash). Fragrence is actually the number one cause of irritation in skin products, and adds no use to the product itself besides making it smell nice (sometimes!). Since these ingredients can only cause harm, and never add any benefits, why tolerate them in the first place? Believe it or not, most drugstore face products contain fragrance. This is quite disappointing, yet shows how little these companies or consumers know about skin care!

The next think to look out for is one that I really, really enjoy. This ingredient is in nearly every wash you can imagine, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, anything that foams really. That is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Although this ingredient has been considered safe, there are new studies that are showing that this ingredient can cause:

  • Irritation of the skin and eyes
  • Toxicity of the organs
  • Reproductive toxicity
  • Possible cell mutations and even cancer

I for one still use SLS, even though it has been proven to be harmful. I feel that if you look at any household chemical, toiletry, etc you will find that it in some way causes cancer, toxicity or what not. The real danger is the sheer volume that we expose our skin to, not this single ingredient. I personally find it very had to stay away from products that contain SLS (since its in everything) and I enjoy foaming face washes 🙂

The best face wash for acne is one that is simple, well tolerated. This is what I have heard from multiple doctors and dermatologists. Dermatologists either recommend using dove soap, or cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Both of these products sure contain SLS and possibly other harmful chemicals, but they are relatively gentle on the skin. If you are treating your skin with a prescription, or even natural acne treatment, then the last thing you want to do is expose it to further irritation.

When you skin is suffering from breakouts and acne, the last thing you want to do is attack it with a harsh cleanser. Its recommended that you stick to a gentle cleanser, and leave the treatments in either a lotion or toner (something that stays on the skin)

So to summarize, avoid:

  • Fragrance
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (maybe?)
  • Medicated face wash
  • Harsh Cleansers

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