What Does a Toner Do?

What does a toner do

While shopping down your drugstores skincare section, you’ll see a lot of  watery treatments and, you may ask your self, what is toner and what does a toner do? Well, facial toner or astringent is a skincare product that helps to balance the skin’s ph as well as remove dirt, oil, and other impurities on the skin. Toners are a great step to add into your skincare routine after you wash your face. Many people follow the Cleanse Tone Moisturize acne routine.

Adding in a toner after you cleans your face helps to remove any excess soap residue which can clog your pores if left there overnight or during the day. You see, many facial cleansers actually contain very comedogenic ingredients. Even those that are labeled as noncomedogenic can clog your pores! Unfortunately, a lot of us are not as thorough as we should be when washing our face, and we oftentimes leave soap residue on our face without even knowing it. This can actually cause breakouts, and severe ones! You would never think that by washing your face, you could actually be contributing to your acne breakouts!
This is the main reason to use a toner, to remove excess face wash, and to get rid of anything your wash has missed. Oftentimes when using a toner, you’ll see the toner remove makeup, dirt, and oil that wasn’t washed off during your cleansing step. Its actually quite amazing how much dirt you can miss by only washing your face and not following up with a toner.

Another added benefit is that toners help rebalance the skins ph. Having a balanced PH is critical to the health of your skin. When the skin is unbalanced, it is more susceptible to acne bacteria, breakouts, dryness, irritation, etc. Having an off balanced PH can lead your skin to lose moisture rapidly, which of course, is a bad thing. Washing our faces can significantly change the ph of our skin because most facial cleansers are way too alkaline, and are not ph balanced for the delicate skin on our face (crazy that these large skin care companies wouldn’t think of this, huh?). After we wreck havoc on our skins ph with face wash, we can help the skin rebalance by using a facial toner afterwards.

Another great thing is that many toners contain acne fighting ingredients, so the toner can act as a treatment, in addition to its other benefits. Many drugstore toners contain salicylic acid as the active ingredient, where many higher end products contain glycolic acid. Salicylic is recommended for those suffering with acne and is a great toner for oily skin. Products containing glycolic acid are best for those who are trying to treat wrinkles, or have dryer skin.

Many toners from the drugstores contain alcohol. Alcohol is a wonderful toner, and astringent, but it can be incredibly irritating to the skin. It can actually cause damage to the skin, and dry out the skin causing it to overproduce oil. For this reason, we want to avoid using toners with alcohol. There are many alternatives out there, like rose water toner.

Rose water also makes an excellent toner. It has healing and calming properties, and helps rebalance the skin in a very natural, and gentle way. Plus it smells great too

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