Try A Honey Mask For Acne!

Have you ever tried a pure honey mask for acne? Most people I ask answer no, and give me a weird look. Oddly enough, Honey has been one of the best acne-fighting substances I have ever found. Its natural, readily available, yummy, cheap, and incredibly effective. With that being said, using honey for acne does have its downsides!

First off, how and why does honey help with acne? Honey is by nature an antiseptic. It kills bacteria and creates an environment where bacteria cannot live. This is one of the biggest reasons why and how honey can help reduce breakouts. It targets and kills pimple causing bacteria on our face! The next thing is that honey has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It helps calm the skin, and reduce inflammation caused by angry breakouts.

Another great benefit to using honey as a face mask, is that it makes your skin incredibly soft. Honey helps moisturize your skin, and give the skin vitamins and minerals to help rebuild its natural moisture barrier. It also give your skin a wonderful “glow”. Now, I haven’t seen any research on why and how honey makes your skin glow, but trust me, it does.

The biggest downside of using honey for acne is the mess. Applying the honey can be difficult. Its thick, sticky, and difficult to spread across your face. Adding to this, despite your best efforts, it will drip all over the place. Once you have it nicely applied to your face, it will slowly melt and drip off your face. For this reason, you have to wear a towel as scarf, and be sure to catch all those honey drops!

Despite its downsides and difficulties, I saw INCREDIBLE results form using a honey mask. I used hone as a face mask consistently for a week a few years back. This was during my worst period with acne, where I would wake up with 2-3 new pimples on my face every day. Mean, deep, pimples. I decided to give the honey face make a shot, and applied it daily for 30-60 minutes. During the week trial, I did not have a single new breakout! It was amazing, I hadn’t gone that long without a breakout since I was 12. Adding to this, my skin was softer, smoother, and had a great color and glow to it.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with the maintenance. Being in College, it was quite difficult to set aside an hour every day to apply the mask and let it sit there, catching drops as they drip off your face. So now, I only do a honey face mask on occasion.

If you haven’t given this a try, reach into your cupboard and give it a shot! Let me know in the comments what your experience is with honey and acne

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