How to prevent Acne Scars

Prevent Acne Scarring after popping pimple

If you can’t prevent acne, then you can definitely help prevent acne scars! One of the biggest things you can do to prevent scarring from breakouts is to avoid popping the pimples! Many times when we pick at our pimples, we cause more damage and harm than good. It is possible to pop pimples with only causing minimal damage, but without proper training to do so, we often do harm than good!
The reason for this is that the skin is already inflamed, and stretched. Popping a pimple essentially rips the top layer of skin to allow the pus and other pimple goodies to flow out. This rip is what can cause a long term scar, or crater in the skin. Not good! In order to prevent this type of scarring, never pop a pimple, rather lance it if popping the pimple is absolutely necessary. Lancing the breakout helps the skin release the pus in a controlled way, rather than ripping the skin. This will also help the skin heal much easier and quicker (its faster and easier to heal a small puncture than a rip!).

To lance a pimple, you will need either a needle, or a tool specifically designed for such a task. This can only be done once the pimple has came to a head, otherwise poking at the skin will definitely cause more harm than good. First make sure the skin, and the tool is properly sanitized (for the skin you can wash your face before hand, or use a germ killing toner and for the tool, I recommend sanitizing it with rubbing alcohol, or any other sanitizing agent you have available). Once the tools and face are clean, gently puncture the top of the white head, aiming for the very center of your mountain. After the pimple is punctured, use toilet tissue around your fingers, and gently push out all the build up out. This will work best if the pimple is ready to be popped, never do this before the pimple has come to a head!!!

It is much more difficult to prevent the type of scarring that is a darkened mark on the skin that stays behind after a pimple. If you suffer from lingering scars (those that are flat and red) after a pimple heals, then I would recommend treating this breakout with a scar treatment during, and after the pimple. This gives your skin all the necessary ingredients to heal itself and to prevent scarring as best as possible.

My absolute favorite product for this is Strivectin. This product is a very effective scar and stretch mark cream. Treating a pimple with strivectin during, and after a pimple can help minimize the scarring after the pimple is gone. Another great solution is to use coconut oil. Coconut oil has beneficial fatty acids, along with vitamins and minerals that help the skin recover quickly.

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