How to Prevent Acne

How To Prevent Acne From Forming

We all know that prevention is better than treatment, but do you know how to prevent acne? Why wait for acne to happen, only to have to treat it? Its best to prevent it from coming up in the first place! Now, how can you do that you may ask? Well, there are many, many, different ways that you can help prevent those nasty breakouts, and it all depends on the reason your acne exists in the first place! Oftentimes, acne is a symptom of something deeper. For example, many people suffer from hormonal acne, so if this is the case, you must balance your hormones (easier said than done) and therefore prevent future breakouts!

Of course, this sounds so much easier on paper, but its very helpful to know the root cause of your acne. Here are some of the major reasons:

  • Hormone imbalance (pimples during your period???)
  • Hygiene (often bacteria getting out of control)
  • DNA (can’t really help much there!)
  • Skin formation abnormalities (again, cant help here)
  • Diet (can definitely adjust this, but its difficult to understand what foods cause issues)

If you suffer from breakouts during your time of the month, then its likely that you are suffering from hormonal imbalance. Going on birth control to regulate your hormones often cures this. In fact, this is one of the first steps many dermatologists take for females suffering from acne. Unfortunately, if you are male, this is not an option. Our bodies have higher levels of testosterone, which is one of the leading causes of breakouts.

Hopefully, you do not suffer from poor hygiene. This is one of the simplest things you can do to prevent acne, but is usually something that those suffering from breakouts are well aware of, and take active measures to control the bacteria on the skin. This includes things like cleansing the face regularly, using chemicals to control the bacteria on the skin (like benzoyl peroxide), and changing your pillowcase regularly.

Unfortunately, one of the main causes of acne is from our parents. If your parents suffered from acne, then you will have a higher chance to suffer as well. Unfortunately, this is something that is beyond our control, and definitely something we cannot prevent or avoid. If you believe you are suffering from breakouts due to genetics, be sure to control the factors that you do have control over such as hygiene, diet, etc.

Next, a large cause is skin abnormalities. Some of us just have skin that doesn’t behave (big science words there!). This means that the skin does not self regulate it as it should. This leads to dead skin cells getting clogged in the pores, pores getting clogged by sebum, etc. Unfortunately, for some of us, our skin just doesn’t regulate itself the way it should. It may overproduce oil, under produce oil, regenerate too quickly, too slowly, etc. As you can see, many things can go wrong.

Finally, some believe the diet can affect your acne, either positively or negatively. There are many diets out there that claim to help reduce and prevent acne but this will vary greatly on the individual, and the root cause of their pimples. I’ve read many studies on this issue, and there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Some believe that diet has zero effect on the skin, yet others believe that acne is directly correlated to breakouts. I’ve spoke to three different dermatologists about this, and all of them told me that diet has zero effect on the condition. However, I believe they state this based on old research, and old schools of thought. How can what you put into your body not effect the largest organ? If you haven’t tried adjusting your diet, its definitely something that’s worth a try!

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