Blackhead Removal Tool

Blackhead remover tool

Blackhead removal tools (also called extraction tools) are stainless steel tools used for extracting blackheads or small whiteheads from the skin. Those in the beauty industry use these tools to do extraction during facials. These tools work by creating great pressure around the circumference of the blackhead or whitehead, which results in the skin releasing the blackhead. They are incredibly effective, and are a great alternative to picking at your skin. They can extract blackheads and whiteheads easily without damaging the skin or leaving a scar. A word of warning though, if you do not have proper training to use these tools, you can certainly do more harm than good. Using this tool incorrectly can result in infection, and worsening of the breakout. Please do not take this article as training or instructions on how to use these tools.

With that being said, if you are planning on using these tools, please be sure to follow these rules for the best result:

  • Sanitize the skin first by using a toner, or washing the face
  • Sanitize the tools using rubbing alcohol, or another disinfectant before use (EVERY TIME)
  • NEVER use these on cystic acne
  • ONLY use on pimples that have a significant head, or blackheads
  • ALWAYS get everything out of the pore- do not leave buildup in the pore, this will result in infection
  • ALWAYS clean the skin after extractions are done, and apply an antibacterial treatment.

After doing extractions, I like to use either a toner or an essential oil like frankincensne to help insure that the skin does not get infected where I had done the extractions. Another great product to use is a moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide. This will ensure that the extractions actually work, and do not become reinfected and actually worse than when we began!

How to use

  1. 1.    Follow the guidelines, ensure face and tools are clean
  2. 2.    Place the loop end over the blackhead or whitehead that you would like to extract
  3. 3.    Gently press down on one side of the whitehead or blackhead.
  4. 4.    While pressing down, pull the look forward. This helps pull the gunk out.
  5. 5.    If nothing comes out, try from a different angle.
  6. 6.    Ensure that everything is removed.
  7. 7.    Then, clean and sanitize face

2 thoughts on “Blackhead Removal Tool

  1. When I got this tool I just started picking at my skin more. haha, but it works really well to get rid of blackheads, its actually really fun to use.

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