Best Way To Get Rid of Acne?

best way to Get rid of acne is with a three step system

There are many ways to rid your skin of acne, and the best method of treatment will depend on your skin type, and the underlying cause of your acne. That means that the best way to get rid of acne will be dependent on the individual. With that being said, there are many types of treatments that work very well for a majority people.

One of the most common ingredients used for treating acne is salicylic acid. This is a beta hydroxy acid, that is one of the few that is able to penetrate the pore, and cleanse the pore from the inside out. Adding to this, this acid is a chemical exfoliant, which helps to break apart the bonds that dead skin cells form. Since this is a chemical exfoliant, this chemical also works as an anti aging treatment. These bonds are often the cause of clogged pores and pimples. Salicylic acid is also one of the most well tolerated acne ingredients, and for these reasons, its one of the most commonly used ingredients in acne products available over the counter.

Another great common ingredient is benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient works by killing the bacteria on the skin, since oftentimes bacteria cause acne. This ingredient helps control the bacteria population on the skin, which helps prevent future breakouts as well as treating those that already exist. If you’ve ever used proactive, this is the ingredient in the cleanser, and the 3rd step of the program. Its incredibly effective, and well tolerated. Side effects include dryness of the skin, redness, and flakiness.

An alternative to salicylic acid is Glycolic Acid. While Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxyl acid, Glycolic acid is an Aplha hydroxy acid. This doesn’t mean too much, but simply defines their molecular structure. Unlike Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid is not able to penetrate the pores, and clean them from the inside out. However, this acid does a better job at removing acne scars, wrinkles, and overall makes the skin appear smoother and younger. If you are sensitive to Salicylic acid, then I would definitely give Glycolic acid a shot! With that being said, if you are looking for the best ingredient to fight acne, Salicylic acid would be your best bet, since it has the ability to enter and clean out pores. Glycolic acid is still great for acne, but is a better choice for overall skin enhancement or for anti aging purposes.

Well, the above are some of the most popular and well known over the counter skin care ingredients to help get rid of acne. Many companies today sell 3 step kits that combine some of these ingredients to deliver the maximum effect. Most of these sets include a face wash with either benzoyl peroxide or an acid, followed by a toner with either Salicylic or Glycolic acid, then a treatment lotion usually containing benzoyl peroxide. This three step system helps to target multiple causes of acne, and therefore delivers a great attack on those pesky pimples!

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